Profil Pimchanok Leuvisedpaiboon

10 Mar

Biodata Phimchanok

Surname:                       Baifern

Date of Birth :                30 September 1992

Kindergarten students:    Schools are as neurology end of Grade 4.

Primary school :             Grad School letters Thep 5 – P. 6.

High school:                   Learning at school Nawamindhrachudhit. Triamudomsuksa Nomklao.

University:                      University of Srinakharinwirot. Faculty of Arts. Field of view and directed.

Pimchanok Luevisetpaibool

Awards :

Top Prize Awards 2010 (TV Pool magazine.)

– Female Branch stars wonderful film Branch (fern leaves).

Awards Chalermthai Award No. 8.

– Introduction to Field an actress in Thai movie of the year.

Gender : Female.

Pimchanok Luevisetpaibool

Personal Information.

Favorite subjects: English society

Do not like the course: Physics.

Favorite food: fried basil.

Favorite dessert: Lay snacks yellow wet cement.

Habit: Simple cheerful friendly petulant

ID motto: Today Tomorrow fell down again. But it will not hurt the same.

How to DJs: The solicitation of Modeling.

The first piece of work: advertising students Shoes Teen pop.

Create a portfolio: the little things called love.

Portfolio proud: proud of all the work done in..

Favorite place: the sea.

Men who like: like no honest man and a gentleman vulgar.

Personal Interests.

Favorite music: indie music or easy listening.

Thai stars like: Ananda.

International stars like: Takeshi Shiro Car Acne.

Favorite singer: Boy Trai, Jetset’er, Groove Riders.

Favorite color: pink

Colors that do not like: None.

Favorite movie: Killers.

Favorite Music: the honeymoon Jetset’er.

Hobbies: play music and play Casino Bien.

Talent: Piano riding style gymnastics.

Favorite Sport: Badminton.

Favorite pet: dog

ini beberapa foto diaa

Little Thing Called Love


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